Visit Cootamundra

Follow the golden flow of wattle


“Come and be surprised”

Our location in the Riverina makes Cootamundra the perfect place to stop and stay awhile. Stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery on bush and town walks; have a bite to eat a pub, cafe, restaurant or enjoy a picnic in our local parks; enjoy the retail therapy of our Main Street; get active with our many sport and recreation options; get creative at our Arts Centre, do some train spotting and engage with our sporting and transport history.

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The name Cootamundra was likely derived from the Wiradjuri word guudhamang for “turtle”, as the town is around a low-lying marshland, which is ideal turtle habitat.

Cootamundra was incorporated as a township on 9 August 1861, and the first white settlers bought their lots in early 1862.

Like many other towns in the Riverina, it was originally populated by those attracted by the gold rush of the 1860s (with mining taking place at the nearby Muttama Reef mine from 1862) but became a quiet yet prosperous agricultural community after the local deposits were exhausted. There are many large and impressive buildings in the town centre which hail back to these prosperous times.