Although Bethungra is within the Junee Shire Council Region, it is only a short 20 minute drive from Cootamundra along the Olympic Highway.

Just to the north of the town lies the Bethungra Spiral, a rail spiral built on the Main South railway line to ease the gradients when the line was duplicated between 1941 and 1946. A railway station was located in the town between 1878 and the 1980’s, and has now been demolished.

Bethungra also is home to a dam, which covers an area of 14.65 hectares and holds 600 mega-litres of water. It is on Crown Land and is managed by Junee Shire Council. Much of the land surrounding the dam is privately owned, while the remainder is leased for agricultural purposes and some free camping locations.

Photo Credit to: @exploredvisions, Bethungra Church.

Photo Credit to: @exploredvisions, Bethungra Church.


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