Historic buildings

Cootamundra is filled with Heritage listed buildings and many more historic buildings, why not go on the Historic building Trail today?

The Albion Hotel

The Original Albion Hotel building was established in the 1840’s, and was purchased in 1877 by Mrs Angove from Mr Barnes. This hotel stands on the same site still, minus the veranda posts.

Address: 267 Parker St, Cootamundra

Cootamundra Hospital (on the hill)

Sir Henry Parkes laid the foundation stone for the Cootamundra Hospital (now Bimbadeen, the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship College), in 1887, and was opened in 1889 by Lord Carrington, Governor of NSW at the time.

Address: Rinkin St, Cootamundra

The War Memorial Library

The Library commemorates those who have served in the various conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

Formerly the School of Arts and Literary Institute, the building opened as the War Memorial Library in 1955. The building was demolished to make way for the present library which was opened in 1991.

Address: Wallendoon St, Cootamundra

Commercial Bank of Sydney

The Commercial Bank of Sydney, Corner of Wallendoon and Cooper Streets, was opened in 1886, and is now the National Australian Bank.

Address: 88 Wallendoon St, Cootamundra

Cootamundra Court House

Opened on May 24th 1879. Described as a ‘Chicken coup’. In 1885, a ‘new handsome Court House’, on the vacant land next to The Globe Hotel fronting Parker Street had been promised to the town, although it was not to be 16 years later before the building became a reality. In 1887 on the 2nd of March, was a special visit from the current Premier, Sir Henry Parkes, for the laying of the Hospital Foundation Stone, with one of the places he was showed being the Court House. A new, Sydney-made counter was place in the Court House in May 1891, and during July an ‘earth closet system’ was approved. A new Court House, promised for many years came closer to reality with the January signing of a contract by Sandbrook Bros of Camperdown, who were ‘expected to begin their work at once’. The completion of the current Court House was in 1900.

Address: 298 Parker St, Cootamundra

The Sacred Heart Hospital (Cootamundra Hospital)

In 1942, The Sacred Heart Hospital was opened under the direction of the Sisters of mercy. The Cootamundra District Hospital and Mercy Hospitals combined in 1981 to become the Cootamundra Hospital.

Address: 148 Mackay St, Cootamundra

Cootamundra Police Station

The Cootamundry Police Station was established in the Murray District by 1863. By 1866 it had been moved to the South-Eastern District. The station moved to the Southern District by 1874. Senior Constable Thomas Parker came to Cootamundra in 1875. In the same year an area was designated for the police paddock. By 1878, Parker had two constables under his command - J. Mackenzie and C. Sobye. The station was known as Cootamundra by 30 September 1878. It would appear that the police station was erected or acquired in 1878. By 1892 the station was valued at £1000 and the land at £2000.

The Police District of Cootamundra was established in September 1898. By 1899, the police force in Cootamundra totaled nine members.

Address: 101 Cooper St, Cootamundra

Cootamundra Railway Station

Cootamundra station opened on 1 November 1877 as Murrumburrah when the Main South line was extended from Harden.

Address: Hovell St, Cootamundra

Cootamundra Post Office

Cootamundra Post Office, on the corner of Wallendoon and Cooper Streets was opened in 1881. Alterations including the raising of the height of the clock tower were carried out in 1894. The first airmail to England, left Cootamundra in 1934 for Charleville to meet the Qantas Empire Airways flight to Darwin.

Address: 90 Wallendoon St, Cootamundra

The Bank Of NSW

The Bank of NSW Building was built in 1893. This building is now owned and run by Westpac.

Address: 254 Parker St, Cootamundra

The Flour Mill

The first Flour Mill opened in 1875 and the Conqueror mill was built around 1920. It is still used for stock feed milling.

Address: 212 Sutton St, Cootamundra

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