Social Riding

Cootamundra Bicycle User Group

Cootamundra has a social riding group called “Cootamundra Bicycle User Group”, which is affiliated with Bicycle NSW. The President is Alan Moston, and they actively welcome people to join there group and come for a ride. The group has listed rides on Wednesdays and Saturdays leaving at 8:30am from the Cootamundra Post Office. The group often goes away for weekends to do rides like the Rail trail in Myrtelford Victoria and the ACT Lake. For more information please contact Alan on 0400 475 905.

This same group also helps run “The Rotary Bike Festival” in conjunction with Cootamundra Rotary, with all proceeds from the event going to local charities. This event is held annually in mid September, and being a social ride anyone can enter. The same day there is also an annual trivia night and markets. There are 4 distances for this event:

  • Around Town

  • 40 kms

  • 70 kms

  • 90 kms

Cootamundra Cycle Club

Cootamundra Cycle Club is affiliated with Cycling NSW, with their president being Mark Loiterton. This club organise two weekends of state races in Cootamundra, the Haycarters Race in May (70 kms) and the Coota Annual Classic Race held in August (116 kms).



Call (02) 6940 2190 or email us with any queries about your visit to Cootamundra.