Captains Walk

Access: Captains Walk is located in Jubilee Park, take Wallendoon Street across Muttama Creek Bridge then left into Olney Street where a parking bay is available.

Birds observed include: Superb Parrot, Redrumped Parrot, Grey Butcherbird, Red Wattlebird and Blue-faced Honeyeater.

Pioneer Park

Description: Open woodland having Yellow Box on the lower slopes, understorey of acacias and native grasses.

Access: Take the road to Junee turn south into Back Brawlin Road and over the railway crossing. Pioneer Parks entrance is approximately 100m on the right. The road into the Park is unsealed, and the car parking area and walking trail trackhead is a further 1km. The walking trail is 1.2km in length.

Birds observed include: White-throated Treecreeper, Common Bronzewing, Restless Flycatcher, robins and butcherbirds.

Jindalee State Forest

Description: Jindalee State Forest is a tall open woodland dominated by Mugga Ironbark, with some understorey shrubs and grasses.

Access: Travel along Berthong Road until 200m before the intersection with the Burley Griffin Way. Another entrance is 1km to the west along Burley Griffin Way.

Birds observed include: Speckled Warbler, White-throated and Brown Treecreepers, Flame Robin, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, parrots and honeyeaters.

Bland Creek TSR

Description: Open box woodland dominated by Yellow and Grey Box, and River Red Gums along Bland Creek, with acacias and grassy understorey.

Access: At Stockinbingal, turn north from the Burley Griffin Way into Grogan Road toward Milvale, the reserve is approximately a further 7km.

Birds observed include: Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Varied Sittella, Nankeen Kestrel, Eastern Rosella, honeyeaters and babblers.

Migurra Reserve

Description: Migurra Reserve is a small Box-Ironbark Woodland with an understorey consisting of acacias, lilies, everlasting daisies, and native grasses.

Access: The reserve is approximately 15km from Cootamundra along the Olympic Way toward Junee. There is a short looped walking trail through the reserve.

Birds observed include: Jacky Winter, Diamond Firetail, Double-barred Finch, Yellow-faced and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, robins and treecreepers.

Pioneer Park  Photo Credit:   Emma Bonkain- Homespun & Homegrown

Pioneer Park

Photo Credit: Emma Bonkain- Homespun & Homegrown

Jindalee National Park  Photo Credit:   Phill Bowden

Jindalee National Park

Photo Credit: Phill Bowden

Golden Whistler  Photo Credit:   Gold Smith’s in the Forest

Golden Whistler

Photo Credit: Gold Smith’s in the Forest


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